We Design & Build in one

In-house design capabilities to take the Client from a customised individual design concept through to practical completion.

Gibson Building offers a complete Design/Build service. With our unique design capabilities we can take you from your ideal home concept, right through to practical completion.

Our design philosophy is all about tailoring the design concept based on your requirements and most importantly the sites natural characteristics. These effect your home orientation regarding natural breezes, roof overhangs regarding shade, and choice of construction materials in relation to heat retention, just to name a few.

Here is how we can help

  • It begins with the Design Brief and our response in the form of a Concept Design Sketch & Submission based on a forecast budget. Our concept incorporates ‘Buildability’ which ensures an idea is cost achievable. From here the concept is refined mindful of the budget constraints.
  • The Preliminary Agreement is the next stage of the process, where the design concept is detailed and documented suitable for Authority approval and construction.
    With completed documentation and Authority approval we can provide you with a straight forward fixed price quotation and contract.
  • The final stage is the actual construction phase with regular updates regarding progress and cost status.

Incorporating the builder into the design process

We can also work with your preferred Designer from their concept and incorporate our buildability to refine the budget and then through documentation and on to construction. Incorporating a Builder early into the design process with your Architect or Designer will ensure cost efficiency. Collaborating from the very beginning ensure transparency with the Designer, Client and the Builder.

Thus from Concept to Completion, Kieran Gibson will personally guide you through each stage professionally and without ‘cost surprises’ to give you your unique custom home that you previously thought may have been beyond your reach.

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