A Commercial Refurbishment for Beacon Lighting, Brisbane

Gibson building was engaged directly by Beacon Lighting to modify an existing Warehouse into a custom-made distribution facility in Brisbane, Queensland.

The modification works involved repurposing a warehouse of approximately 1350m2 into a purpose made facility to facilitate an expansion of the business for the East Coast of Australia.

The design and documentation process took approximately four months  with the construction program taking approximately six months

beacon commercial redevelopment brisbane warehouse
Beacon Lighting Commercial Refurbishment – The Finished Product

Commercial Documentation Process

Gibson Building was appointed the lead Coordinator and Consultant to coordinate and supervise the documentation and design process. The consultants included Architectural, Structural, Civil, Hydraulic, Fire and Electrical.

Coordination between the various Consultants and the Building Certifier insured a smooth and trouble-free design process.

As we were modifying an existing Warehouse with an opening in the roof, it was a considerable challenge in the modification of the structural steel portal frame. Further the extension to the fire sprinkler system was also a challenge. This was due to extending the existing service and upgrading the supply to suit the additional area now incorporated into the building.

Beacon Lighting Commercial Side Elevation plans
Beacon Lighting Commercial Side Elevation Plans

Commercial Warehouse Build Process

Construction wise we were modifying an existing Masters Home Improvement store to suit Beacon Lightings warehouse and distribution system. In particular, this involved modifying the Masters garden centre which had an opening in the centre of the roof. This had to be converted into a fully enclosed loading zone.

As the client Beacon Lighting were also on-site setting up their facility we had to work around their existing operations and coordinate area use and car park access to suit both the client and our construction program.

The Beacon Lighting loading area had to be extensively modified services wise, with regard to Fire, Hydraulic and Electrical to suit their custom requirements. Each change in these services involved modifying the original setup and capacity to match the additional area.

An additional challenge in the construction process was cutting an access opening through an existing precast concrete wall. Due to the size of this opening, to allow truck access, a considerable structural steel frame needed to be installed on the inside of the precast concrete panel to allow this substantial opening to be cut.

Engineered Steel Frame Surrounds the Large Opening About to be Cut


Beacon Lighting was impressed with the complex consultant/design coordination process that was presented with this refurbishment project. During the construction phase the clients were simultaneously fitting out the warehouse and office facilities, the coordination between the construction and the client fit out went smoothly and seamlessly.

Despite the constant traffic from both the client and the construction process, we completed the project ahead of schedule whilst solving a number of complex coordination and Construction details and the project was completed within budget.

warehouse refurbishment brisbane

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