Design, Building and Cost – The Holy Trinity

It is all too common to hear in a custom building project that while the design was inspiring, the build quality was outstanding; however the cost was WAY over expectations.

Is there a way to define the cost with the builder of choice and with your preferred inspirational architect?

Yes of course!

The key is bring the architect and the builder together at the beginning where – provided the two professionals understand each other and share the same ideals – costs can be defined and low and behold, the cost element can now become an important component in the design process.

A grand design idea would never leave the piece of paper it was sketched on unless consideration was given to how to physically build it and the subsequent materials available. Only then is it possible to define the cost parameters.

Importantly if the architect and the builder work well together and understand the intent of the concept, together they can define a practical buildable solution to a concept. With this approach a crazy idea actually might evolve into a buildable solution that actually is within clients expectations and which in turn means it could become reality.

How to combine great design, quality build and value for money in a new residential development?

The key to this building utopia is getting this Trinity working right from the early stage in the design process.

The recipe is:

  • The architect and the builder need to work together as a team,
  • They need to have the same goals and an appreciation of the skills each bring to the design table.

The above synergies can bring a practical solution to a grand design idea and with the opportunity to define the cost, could actually mean the client will understand the intention, the cost premium involved and appreciate being part of the decision making process.

Under this scenario, with all understanding the inspiration, the ‘buildability’ and the cost, the concept is a lot closer to reality.

Kieran Gibson is a Design Builder, which means that he is the same person that designs and builds your house. With Kieran Gibson you do not need the services of an Architect. Dealing with a designer who is also a builder will ensure that your have no surprises and your new residential property is on budget.